Components help you templatize parts of your design.  It's helpful for duplicating designs like a common button, or, to design a replicating list like like blog posts, team members, or directories.

To use create a Component as a common design navigate to your Worksheet and click "+ Component".  Name your new component and click the edit button to navigate into the sheet.  You can build inside your Component Sheet the same way you would a regular page.  The magic comes from defining what parts of your Component is editable.

Once you've created your design, you want to define your variables.  To define your variables first click the "Variables" Toggle in the toolbar.

Variables are completely freeform.  Define whatever you want to change about the component - This may be an image, a link, text, or a color.  Give your variable a default value.

Then click the "Variables" toggle again to return to your component.  Find the cells that you want to connect to your variables.  When you start typing in the cell you will notice your variables appear in a list.  Select the variable you want to connect to that cell.

Now, when you add a Component to a regular page and click "Edit" these variables will appear.  

Now you can reuse this component anywhere you want in your pages and manage it from one location.

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