Command + K - All access command palette that allows you to navigate to anywhere in the system including things like

  • Publish/Deploy Page
  • Save a sheet
  • Quick jump to style cell
  • Convert section into a component
  • Open sheets like Page sheets, Component sheets, Content sheets and all others
  • Search the help articles
  • Ask support a question

Duplicate Page - Command + D

  • Just hit Command + D while hovered on the page you want to copy to instantly duplicate it

Hide Editor - Command + E

  • Command + E at any time to show and hide the editor

Toggle "Edit" for Elements - Option + Tab

  • Allows you to quickly enter into an element's attributes row where you can add things like an elements text, link, source, id, class, and SEO based tags

Enlarge Cell to full view - Command + Enter

  • When editing raw html, stylesheets, and other lengthy text cells you can use this command to open up the cell to be the full width and height of the editor
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