With add ons you can enhance special features on The.com

Adding a new add on is as simple as:

  1. Click + Add Ons
  2. Type in from the list displayed (Example: design)
  3. It's active!

Design Add On

A set of nicely designed templates added to the element list

List includes:

  • Header Template - Added a desktop menu that includes a logo with navigation links - Added a responsive mobile layout with a hamburger menu.
  • Title and Subtitle Template - Renders a title and subtitle.

  • Column Template - Renders a section with columns as child elements. The default is two columns. The first an image, the second text. These can be duplicated infinitely.

  • Footer Template - Renders a footer with a logo, links and copyright information.

  • Card Section Template - Renders a section with 3 basic call to action cards.

  • Notification Modal - Renders a notification modal to give your customers quick alerts.
  • Cookies Bar - Renders a cookies bar
  • Hero with Background Image - Renders a hero with a background image.
  • Hero with Background Video - Renders a hero with a background video.
  • Icon Set - Renders a section with columns to display icons
  • Header With Toolbar Template - Renders a toolbar with social media icons above the navigation.
  • Button Template - Renders a button with hover state
  • Link Template - Renders a link with hover state.

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